Centre for Organisational Excellence Research

coerCOER, consists of three organisations; COER, Massey University is the RESEARCH arm and focuses on “Acquiring Knowledge”. It administers doctoral research programmes in business excellence and benchmarking. Limited is the KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER arm and focuses on “Best Practice Sharing” through its website, COER Limited is the CONSULTANCY arm and focuses on “Applying Knowledge” through consultancy and training in business excellence and benchmarking. Dr Robin Mann, Director and founder of COER, serves as the chairman of the Global Benchmarking Network (representing 25 countries).

New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation (NZBEF)

Established in 1992, the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation (NZBEF) was founded by public and private enterprise to improve the overall performance of New Zealand organisations. The Foundation is a membership-based not-for-profit incorporated society committed to supporting New Zealand businesses improve bottom line results along with improved customer relationships, increased productivity and an engaged workforce. We work in all sectors including business, education, health, manufacturing and local and central governments.


bpir.com_logoThe Best Practice Improvement Resource ( is a membership resource designed to assist best practice sharing and learning.  The contains 1,000’s of performance measures, best practice case studies, self-assessment tools and provides 1,000’s of articles on the theme of performance improvement across all functional areas, industries and covering most countries. All the information is categorized by the criteria of business excellence models (e.g. Baldrige and EFQM) – thus helping organizations to quickly get on the track to excellence! The resource was developed by the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research, Massey University and spun out of the University to become Limited in 2006.

Complete Learning

Complete LearningThe team members at award-winning Complete Learning Solutions have been on both sides of the L&D fence – as managers and employees, and as contractors and consultants – so we really do understand your challenges and your opportunities.


Economic Development NZ (EDNZ)

EDNZEDNZ is a national not for profit that empowers and enables individuals and organisations either practicing, or associated with, economic development across New Zealand. EDNZ support its members through building capability, collaboration and thought leadership that is trusted and valued. Membership of EDNZ is the hallmark of Professional Expertise and Integrity within the economic development profession and is open to any individual or organisation working in, or associated with Economic Development.


Global Benchmarking Network

GBNBenchmarking, learning from the experience of others, is a powerful method for breakthrough thinking, innovation, improvement and for delivering exceptional bottom-line results. It is one of the most popular and effective tools used for organisational success. The Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) since 1994 has played a key part in raising the awareness and use of benchmarking worldwide. The GBN comprises of 25 benchmarking centres in 21 countries.

Institute of Management Consultants NZ
IMCNZIMCNZ is the professional body that supports and represents management consultants in New Zealand. We are raising the bar for management consultants and this website is here for our members and their clients. IMC New Zealand was established in 1970 and is one of 50 members of CMC-Global, International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. 2020 marks 50 years of IMC in New Zealand.


IQM Group

IQM Group​IQM Group is an international management consulting firm that provides innovative solutions for progressive client organisations. Over the last 30 years, IQM has successfully developed and implemented over one thousand business management improvement programs for industry and commerce around the globe. Sustainability and quality strategies have proven to deliver not only competitive edge and consumer satisfaction but also increased financial performance.


New Zealand Organisation for Quality

NZOQ is a non-profit, professional society dedicated to providing leadership in the adoption of the principles of quality management and best practice in New Zealand. Quality is vital to New Zealand organisations and individuals if they are to succeed in the increasingly competitive marketplace. Since 1977, we have provided leadership in the advancement of quality management and best business practices.


The Network of Us (NOUS)
NOUSNous, or the Network of Us is a global network of improvement, change and transformation agents. NOUS began from a vision to connect the NZ Lean and Continuous Improvement thinkers. It didn’t take long for the idea to grow global, and thus Lean Kiwis has evolved to be the Network of US. With a strong core of continuous improvement practitioners, the network now includes individuals from across the world covering all demographics. It’s about the right people, the right combinations, on the right topics at the right time.



QLBSQLBS purpose is to provide a quantum leap in trust and transparency so that food suppliers can comply with the higher standards of a new generation of consumers. We challenge state of the art digital technologies to help those involved in compliance, quality, and excellence of the food chain.



University of Auckland

Auckland UniversityThe University of Auckland was formally opened on 23 May 1883 as Auckland University College, part of the University of New Zealand. A disused courthouse and jail served as premises for the 95 students and four teaching staff. Today, the University of Auckland is New Zealand’s largest university by enrolment, hosting about 40,000 students on five Auckland campuses.[6] The City Campus, in central Auckland, has the bulk of the students and faculties. There are eight faculties, including a law school, as well as three associated research institutes.


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