The New Zealand Best Practice Competition (NZBPC) encourages organizations to share their best operational and managerial practices, processes, systems, and initiatives and learn from the experience of others. Whilst the NZBPC is a competition its main purpose is to facilitate organizational learning and assist organisations to improve their practices.

Best practices can be on any aspect of work that your organisation excels at. For example, crisis management, remote working, employee well-being, sustainability, response time, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, teamwork, customer service, branding, social responsibility, governance, future foresight, knowledge management, product development, customer focus or supplier relationships.

You are encouraged to submit your practices for assessment and improvement. The competition provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams that have been responsible for creating and/or managing the introduction and deployment of best practices.

The process is as follows:

  1. Applicants to the New Zealand Best Practice Competition enter the International Best Practice Competition (IBPC).
  2. The highest Star Rating for a best practice from New Zealand will be recognised as the winner of the New Zealand Best Practice Competition.
  3. Dependent on the number of applicants from New Zealand, NZ-specific category awards may also be given.

This means that NZ applicants have two opportunities for recognition, firstly at the New Zealand level and secondly at the International level.

History of the Awards

The New Zealand Best Practice Competition was founded by the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER) in 2012 when the first competition was held as part of the World Business Capability Congress. The competition follows the same format and feeds into the International Best Practice Competition.

The New Zealand Best Practice Competition was dormant until its re-birth at the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation (NZBEF)‘s conference in 2021. The award is organised by COER with the support of NZBEF.

The NZBEF are the driving force for business excellence within New Zealand having been established in 1992 with a remit to run the New Zealand Business Excellence Awards (currently on hold) and serve to raise the level of excellence across all organisation’s in NZ using internationally recognised frameworks and systems. The NZBEF continue to be the premier body of knowledge in NZ on business excellence.



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