checklistThe format timeline for the 3rd New Zealand Best Competition and New Zealand’s Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Award are shown below:

New Zealand Best Practice Competition (NZBPC)

This year, all New Zealand Best Practice Competition (NZBPC) entrants will have have the opportunity to participate in the International Best Practice Competition (IBPC)

The advantage of organisations entering the IBPC is that based on the feedback receive they can improve their application by the time of the NZBPC. For the two competitions, a different set of judges is used.

1Document Your Best Practice for NZBPC & IBPCOpen to all organisations – a maximum of 8 best practices can be submitted. Complete the NZBPC Entry Form.Monday 15 May 2023.
Expert reviewers will assess the best practice. These reviewers are independent of the judges and their role is to select best practices that will qualify to the next round. Feedback and advice will be given to improve the standard of applications.Monday 22nd May 2023
Schedule of presentation times issued.Monday 22nd May 2023
Entry fee required to participate (only payable if your best practice qualifies to the next stage of the competition).N/A
For the IBPC, 8-minute best practice presentations must be pre-recorded and sent to the IBPC committee at least 5 days before the scheduled presentation date for review to ensure compliance with the presentation guidelines.Saturday 27th May 2023 onwards
2Best Practice Sharing Extravaganza (Virtual Event)Entries join the International Best Practice Competition’s Best Practice Sharing Extravaganza. The pre-recorded presentations are played followed by a live Question and Answer session with a panel of judges and open to other participants for best practice learning.  All participants will have their best practices graded using IBPC’s Best Practice Certification Scheme.

Should any NZ entries qualify for the final of the 8th International Best Practice Competition they will be invited to give another 8-minute presentation. All presentations must be pre-recorded. The final of the International Best Practice Competition will be held on Thursday 21 July 2022.

9 – 23 June 2022
3Final of the NZ Best Practice Competition NZ’s leading best practices will be invited to give a live 8-minute presentationWednesday/Thursday 12/13 July 2023
NZ Best Practice CertificatesNZ Best Practice Certificates including Star Ratings will be issued to all participants after moderating and aligning the judges’ assessments.Monday 24 July 2023



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